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7 Simple Raw Vegan Dessert Recipes

We all love holidays, especially the winter holidays. This is the greatest time of the year because you can believe in a miracle. Everything is a fairy, shops are illuminated and decorated with Christmas trees. It looks amazing! As for me, I like Christmas time because of the opportunity to be together with my family and set around the table, eating festive dishes and joying.

But holidays have another side of the coin. Delicious food and passive way of passing time are very bad for my figure. I can’t say that I have a pretty good body because I like baking and I always prepare some dessert for my daughters and husband (and for me too), but before holidays I always look for some light desserts.

Yesterday I faced this great article about 7 healthy dessert recipes that you can do at home. They are so easy to prepare and not to require good skills in cooking. I always say that the most important thing in every deal is your desire and some self-confidence.

These recipes are different, but they are very yummy. First of them is very easy and my younger daughter did it by herself. It was not only the way to prepare something but made the process interesting and exciting. Other recipes aren’t so obvious and I’m interested in preparing all of them. Especially, I like Protein Balls with Carrot Cake Taste. Actually, I like carrot dessert, because of this amazing sunny color(natural) and special flavor. I won’t tell about the benefit of these dishes. These desserts are rich in vitamins and healthy chemical combinations.

The main advantage of desserts like these is NO-Baking! It means that you can save your time before going to a job or after. Except for it, these recipes will help you to look beautiful!

Have a nice meal!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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