A little about my Sweetbook

I like cooking so much. That’s why I decided to create my Sweetbook, where you can find my favorite dessert recipes. Here I share my impressions, life memories connected with cooking these meals. Leave your comments and responses and be sure I will pay attention to each opinion. Please be loyal and not send spam message, because this blog is a little step to my dream…

When I was a child my mom showed me her cooking skills. She was a really good cook. All the time I wanted to be like her. I noted every recipe and tried to repeat it. Cooking became my hobby and big part in my life. I always treated some sweets my friends and relatives. Since childhood I have had a dream to become chef. But I felt in love with my future husband. Two years later I became a mom. That’s why I had to forget about my dream and devote all my free time to bring up my baby. Time was passing and I became a mom of three kids soon. Since then a new period in my life has started.




Today I’m a happy mom and I cook delicious dishes for my family. I always look for interesting recipes and try to make surprise of something new for my kids and husband.

Recently I have decided to create food blog of dessert I have cooked. Here you can see the recipes of diffrent cakes, cookies, drinks, no bake desserts, pies and cupcakes. An original source is after each post. I hope you will like it and find it useful for you. I’m looking forward to your comments and support.

Your Daisy


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