At the kitchen

Hello! I’m Daisy, not a girl but a still young and pretty woman who has a sweet tooth. I not only taste a lot of sweets but also have been cooking them for years. I’ve found that it is so interesting for me to collect all my recipes in one place. That’s why I started drawing all my ideas into my notebook. I’ve called it My Sweet book.

First I gathered all my favorite recipes from my mom and grandma, after that I found something in recipe books, in the net, but always added some features by myself. There were a lot of funny stories connected with the process of preparing some dessert and tasting it. Recently I’ve decided to start my own blog where I can share my recipes, my stories about how to make it and maybe give some recommendations or suggestions about how to do your perfect dessert.

Being shy at school, I was excited to become a blogger, but my husband supported my idea and believed in my blog. And I really want to share a lot with you. Hope, there will be much more place for my recipes than in my paper Sweet Book;)

All my childhood I was growing near my grandma and helped her cook. She has a Slav root like me,  so in that area, if you want to be a perfect housewife, you can cook everything. My grandma was such a perfect housewife and I wanted to cook like her. At that time I didn’t think about family and wanted to become a designer. The drawing was my passion and I dived deep into this craft.

During studying I got to know with my future husband and now we are together. He works as a designer at a great company, has often business trips around the world and I am a happy wife and mom of two fantastic children. All my free time I devote them and it makes me happy. But…I also have some hobbies and dive deep into them when I leave alone. It is swimming – that’s so nice to have a swimming pool inside the house and of course design. I read books about new styles and patterns and always change something in our house or outside.

With my dog

I always try to find some active hobby because, as you might guess, it is so complicated for me to adore sweets and don’t be overweight. That’s why I wake up early in the morning and have 15 minutes running with my dog Jack. He is a Siberian Husky and he is so active dog and helps me to be on track every time and lose weight. But, frequently speaking, it is so hard for me to be in good form, but I try :)

One thing I like the most is baking sweets, making candies, and doing everything sweet and that’s why I tried to share with you all the recipes I have and make this blog alive. I hope you’ll like it and open something new for yourself. Feel free to leave comments, pieces of advice and your feedback about recipes – I’m looking forward.


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