Apple Pie Lasagna

Apple Pie Lasagna

Yesterday I woke and felt myself very weak. I understood that I caught cold. How horrible I was. My head was broken into billion parts.  I wanted do nothing. I couldn’t think clearly and always wanted only relaxing. I know that everybody advise in case of illness to stay into bed and drink hot tea.

But I practice another method of disease control to stop it on start. I always try to be in movement. I spend time not thinking about my weakness. You can’t believe but It makes me stronger. Positive thinking help me to gain all viruses and feel myself better. So, to carry off my cold I decided to pull myself together and went gown to the kitchen. I was tuned to prepare some healthy dessert. Having looked to my fridge I was assured that It would be a great apple lasagna. How great this dessert is! All my family likes it and often ask me to prepare this sweet cake. Today I’ve recalled it and started to bake my lasagna immediately. My children helped me with this task. As a result I have the yummiest cake at the table, happy crew eating it and my good mood replacing my weakness. So, gathering together to make something good is the best pillow for every disease)

I’ve found this recipe here.

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