Baileys Irish Cream Bundt Cake

Baileys Irish Cream Bundt Cake

I dislike autumn. It’s a wet season of year. Days become shorter and cooler and it’s raining very often. When I’m at home and do my everyday duties I always think about hot summer days…

I sorrow that summer finished. I miss days that will never come back. Grey sky and rain make me look for ways to be in a good mood. At this time I want to prepare some sweets…a lot of sweets. Chocolate is an amazing way to improve my autumn mood. So, I serf in the net and search my new ideal dessert. Yesterday it was an amazing Baileys Irish Cream Bundt Cake. This is a special cake. In general I like Irish kitchen. It’s very yummy and very traditional. I like that people trace their traditions and save them for ages. If you prepare this cake you’ll feel it. So, only try it.

I’ve found this recipe here.

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