Baked Blueberry Fritter Bites

Nothing will be better than this recipe I wrote about. Look at the picture. Amazing color and flavor! These fritters are tasted amazing. I didn’t eat anything more delicious than this dish. Soft and yummy and very good… I say nothing about the use of this dessert. Blueberry is the source of vitamins and useful elements.  I always write to you about how important is to eat a lot of fruit and berries in summer. It is your health and good appearance. Children need vitamins more than adults to grow up and be active. I follow all the recommendations of doctors and try to care about my lovely children and husband, of course.

So, what I can say about the preparation of this dessert? You don’t need some special ingredients. All of them you can find in your fridge. Time for preparing is not more than 1 hour. I used to cook fast `cause I’m a mom, and I passed at the kitchen 40 minutes to prepare this dessert following all instructions and recommendations. It is not long. Sometimes I waste time in the kitchen to make good sauce or try some recipes like lasagna and as a result, children eat it by minutes and I must think about what I will cook for dinner?

This dessert is very sated and if you don’t want to eat all fritters right now you can store them into the fridge and reheat in the microwave. The taste will be as good as before.

Have a nice meal! I’ve found this recipe here!

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