Blueberry Streusel Coffee Cake

Summer is finishing and it is a very strange feeling of the end. As for me, I always call my family for some rest to the lake in the forest for sunbathing and swimming. I want to catch all the colorful and hot moments of summer. I don’t want to let summer go and except different walks out of the city, as a housewife I often prepare some delicious and useful dishes for my family, especially I pay attention to recipes with berries and fruits.


So, I want to share with you one of these recipes the yummiest blueberry streusel coffee cake. I think this recipe will get a favorite at my house. It includes three parts of preparation: streusel topping, blueberry coffee cake, and glaze. So, ingredients needed for the streusel topping are:

granulated sugar, brown sugar, all-purpose flour, ground cinnamon, butter softened.

For the blueberry coffee cake you should look for these ingredients:

cups all-purpose flour, granulated sugar, butter softened, milk, egg, baking powder, salt, fresh blueberries.

And at the end, ingredients for glaze:

 powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract.


The preparation of this cake is very easy. You don’t need to do a lot with these ingredients. You can also easily remember this recipe and do it very often. So, first, preheat oven to 375 degrees. Then take a middle bowl and to make a streusel topping you should combine all needed ingredients. In a large bowl combine all ingredients for the blueberry coffee cake (except fresh blueberry) and beat them well. 

Spray the baking pan with cooking spray, pour the coffee cake substance and spread it over the pan, pour streusel topping on the top and bake it for 1 hour. Allow the cake to be cold for 20 minutes.

Then you should make a glaze. Take all ingredients and mix them together with a fork. When the glaze is prepared, chop the cake into little pieces and pour glaze at the top. Have a nice meal! Your blueberry coffee cake is prepared!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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