Cake Mix Grinch Cookies

Grinch Cookies Recipe

I think a lot about Christmas preparation. Actually, I had a few time for following my food blog. Every day I was so busy…I hadn’t time at all.

I visited my grandmother at my hometown. She is old and has some problems with health. I pass my free time with her rarely. But I have decided to visit her this month and help her with her deals. Yesterday I came back home and understood that Christmas is coming but I don’t know what I want to prepare for Christmas. I like this celebration not because of a lot of gifts under the Christmas tree, but also because of this wonderful atmosphere into each house, in the street, at shops…This shining decorations, illuminations…The city changed into the fairy-tail.
But the most I like in Christmas is the ability to gather together and pass some time with the dearest people in all the world. So, I want to share with you the recipe of Christmas cookies. I faced this recipe when I was looking for breakfast to my girls. These cookies looked amazing. The minus of the recipe of these cookies is that the recipe is written in poetic form. It is nice to read but hard to prepare. But my desire to try these cookies was very strong and I did it. I can’t say the preparation doesn’t required a lot of skill but it needs some time. But if you put into the dough a lot of love be sure – these cookies will be your best dessert! Good luck!

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