Caramel Apple Pie Poke Cake

Caramel Apple Pie Poke Cake

What are the advantages of the cakes I like? It is very easy question. I chose them for their simplicity, taste and time to prepare. Of course, don’t forget about good the appearance of every dish you do. But to my mind if you are good cooker, you always can turn on your imagination and make some masterpiece from simple ingredients on hand…

Now I have a lot of apples at home. My children like these fruit. I consider them bombs of vitamins. Except it this is very acceptable ingredient at this season of fall. So, when I read the recipe of this cake I decided to prepare it immediately. I didn’t regret for idea. This cake deserves the best reports. Be sure, it’s not only my opinion. The best mark for my endeavor is empty plates of my children. They liked it and asked me for addition. This cake is great but be careful! Don’t preheat over more than 350. Your cake can loose its lightness and tenderness.
So, I hope my advises will help you. Good luck and have a nice meal!

I’ve found this recipe here.


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