Caramel Cream Pie

Caramel Cream Pie

Some people say a piece of something sweet make their day funnier. Do you agree with them? I can say “yeah” about me. At first I cook some dessert, my kitchen is full of delicious smells, and I start to admire my goodies.

Then in about 1 hour (in most cases) I see sweet treatson my table. It’s the biggest pleasure… But it does not last for a long time. My little sweet teeth come in and I’m very happy when they eat my creations.

This is cake I love, I loved and I will love. That’s true. One piece of cake quench your desire to eat a lot of sweets. Of course, caramel filling makes this cake very sweet, but no less delicious. Tender whiping cream and semi-sweet chocolat on the top, like a tradition, decorates the cake. Enjoy!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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