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    Fresh Peach Cobbler

    It is still hot weather, but you can feel the approximation of fall. You feel it not only because of the weather, but you are also surfing into the problems of school cares. Books, new warm clothes and shoes, copybooks and different school supplies are reminding you all the time to forget about the hot summer. When I recognize that summer is finishing I always have depression. I dislike this rainy cool weather, falling leaves, and unpleasant wind. Only cooking can help me in these days. I like to be at the kitchen and bake, make something delicious and create sheltered pot inside our house. Anyway, I like coking in…

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    Vanilla Peach Coffee Cake

    Everybody who knows me can say that I’m crazy about fruits and all healthy ingredients. I like it not only because I’m afraid of different sicknesses…It is a great filling for some dishes like dessert or not. As my blog is called Sweet-book, I will post the only a sweet recipe and give you some advice in preparation. Yesterday I stopped my glance at this recipe and my brain said to me that this dessert must be unforgettable. I believed it. Today I’ve woken up very early and I’ve started my cooking. I did it because today was Sunday. In our family, weekends are the time for rest. We always…

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    Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

    I wrote to you that I’m fond of blueberry. I don’t know why I like this berry more: because of color or because of taste… But the main advantage of this ingredient is its wealth for vitamins. Especially it helps to save your eyes in a good mood. I noticed that I became older and I have vision problems. Maybe it is because of my hobby. I mean my cooking blog. I have to write posts and share with you my recipes and advice on how to make the best dessert for every event and for every day. It brings me a lot of happiness and I feel very good.…

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    Tennessee Peach Pudding

    Summer is the season of something new. Nature changes and everything in our life. People go to vocation, children have holidays, parents visit their relatives…Everything changes around us. I thought about this waking up and looking out of the window…People wear bright and more open clothes, showing their sunburnt bodies. It’s very beautiful. I looked at the mirror and saw pale face inside it. Really…summer started a month ago but I’m still white like the wall. I decided to say my husband that tomorrow we will go to water for swimming, sunbathing and joying and ask him what he thing about it.  And he supported me and was satisfied to…

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    Caramel Cheesecake

    My husband was at vocation and I missed him so much. He often go abroad for business and it is very hard to me to be alone with children. The day when he come back is the celebration for our family. I always prepare a great dinner and bake some yummy dessert. So, I devoted all evening to find some new recipe of cake to surprise my lovely husband. I was surfing the net, looking for my ideal cake. And I found it! Now I want to share the recipe with you. This light caramel cheesecake is very easy to cook.

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    Fresh Apple Cake

    Are you true food lover? Okay… Are you apple lover? Really? Then this amazing apple recipe is especially for you. This cake is full of apple inside. This is cool idea when there are no fresh fruits. Apples are always in your home and they are the only possibility to make fruit cake even in winter. So you could make the cake at any time you want.

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    Healthy Four Ingredient Breakfast Brownies

    I want to share with you this wonderful recipe of brownies. It is special for its light and soft structure. To make this cake you need only four ingredients: bananas, butter, protein powder and cocoa powder. Be sure this cake will not bring a lot of calories. That’s because it contains a lot of proteins and only some fat. Except it this cake must be very energetic. You can eat this cake for breakfast without doubt. This dessert will gift you a lot of strength to start a new day.

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    Cookie Dough Billionaire Bars

    Happy New Year! I wish you all the best for 2016. The most I wish for you is to keep your homeliness and save good relationship with who you love.  2015 was a great Year. It brought me a lot of experience. I had some good moments and some sad.

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    Marina’s Bird’s Milk Cake

    Christmas coming up and everyone waiting for this incredible holiday. I think looking for especial recipe of cake is one of the most important preparations to family dinner. Ones I tried to make Tiramisu Poke Cake instead of traditional Tiramisu Cake and I can say that was successful experiment. But this year I would like to make Marina’s Bird’s Milk Cake, that I have found so interesting for me.

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    Caramel Apple Pie Poke Cake

    What are the advantages of the cakes I like? It is very easy question. I chose them for their simplicity, taste and time to prepare. Of course, don’t forget about good the appearance of every dish you do. But to my mind if you are good cooker, you always can turn on your imagination and make some masterpiece from simple ingredients on hand…