Southern Spiked Peach Iced Tea

I had a great day! We pass a few days together with our family. Always we need more time for rest, work and home care steal us absolutely. But we forget that the main wealth in our life is our family, children, all we do is do for them…. So, today we had a picnic at the coast of the ocean. A few time by car and we sunbathe at the light sun of USA. What can be better? After swimming a lot my husband and I laid down at the shore and tried to be darker than before, children had a lot of sand and I thought that they can become great architects and sculptors in future, because of the masterpieces on the beach. Everything was great except this fascinating heat… All you think about is to drink.
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Mango Green Tea Smoothie

Summer is time for vitamins. I always prepare for my lovely children some special dishes. But yesterday I decided to make some special drink. My husband bought mangoes after the work and brought these ones home. Never mind, I think a lot about the using of this fruit. Before, I only ate this product, but now I wanted to prepare some fresh. Net helped me in my decision. I opened my computer and tried to search some interesting idea… And I faced this recipe. I can’t miss it because of bright color in the picture and wonderful desire to surprise my relatives. Continue reading →