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    Easy Crock Pot Fried Apples

    Hi friends! Everybody loves the time of holidays and great celebrations. I am not an exception. I like this light bright atmosphere of something magic and fairy. We all will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a very nice and kind day of the year. People go through shopping malls to find some presents for their relatives…People bring some piece of a kind to each other. So nice… The main task for me is to find great recipes to surprise my family. I prepare for this day for weeks. I am surfing in the net for hours, reading cooking blogs and watching cooking videos. I always want to find some special…

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    Fresh Peach Cobbler

    It is still hot weather, but you can feel the approximation of fall. You feel it not only because of the weather, but you are also surfing into the problems of school cares. Books, new warm clothes and shoes, copybooks and different school supplies are reminding you all the time to forget about the hot summer. When I recognize that summer is finishing I always have depression. I dislike this rainy cool weather, falling leaves, and unpleasant wind. Only cooking can help me in these days. I like to be at the kitchen and bake, make something delicious and create sheltered pot inside our house. Anyway, I like coking in…

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    Tennessee Peach Pudding

    Summer is the season of something new. Nature changes and everything in our life. People go to vocation, children have holidays, parents visit their relatives…Everything changes around us. I thought about this waking up and looking out of the window…People wear bright and more open clothes, showing their sunburnt bodies. It’s very beautiful. I looked at the mirror and saw pale face inside it. Really…summer started a month ago but I’m still white like the wall. I decided to say my husband that tomorrow we will go to water for swimming, sunbathing and joying and ask him what he thing about it.  And he supported me and was satisfied to…

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    Chocolate Brownies with Macadamia Topping

    I miss summer… Sometimes I remember one wonderful day in summer. It was our travel to Ontario. My family and me, we were there few times, but this weekend was unforgettable. I had an opportunity to visit with my older sister. I missed her a lot… So my little present for her was her favorite pie with chocolate chips. I don’t know why, but she likes everything contains them. It can be the biggest birthday cake with ten layers or just one cupcake with chocolate filling. We were living together for 20 years and now I know all her preferences.

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    Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

      You will never get to know about healthy fiber and vitamins in this dessert until I tell you. Not only very useful, but also delicious and awesome Pumpkin Whoopie Pies are perfect for any holiday or party. The pies have so comfortable hand held size, so you can eat these and not count calories.

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    Chocolate croissants

    I like french kitchen. Everything I tasted was very delicious. Recently I decided to prepare some delicious kind of croissants. I like this dessert because of its light and unmemorable taste. I often buy croissant at the near baking shop. French people call it ‘boulangerie’. Ohhh….How great is French. It’s very melodic language of inspiration. So, I wanted to prepare croissants at home and found this recipe at the page of the net. To be honest I was surprised when I saw 25 steps in this recipe. But the appetizing photos convinced me to cook Chocolate croissants. I hope you will find time for preparing this yummy.