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Chocolate croissants

chocolate croissant

I like french kitchen. Everything I tasted was very delicious. Recently I decided to prepare some delicious kind of croissants. I like this dessert because of its light and unmemorable taste. I often buy croissant at the near baking shop. French people call it ‘boulangerie’. Ohhh….How great is French. It’s very melodic language of inspiration. So, I wanted to prepare croissants at home and found this recipe at the page of the net. To be honest I was surprised when I saw 25 steps in this recipe. But the appetizing photos convinced me to cook Chocolate croissants. I hope you will find time for preparing this yummy.

The biggest difficulty is cooking the dough. This should take about 1 hour or more. Once I decided to amuse my girls these croissants. Nowadays they do surprises for me. This is so nice! On the one hand it’s amazing filling, because my daughters make something for me, on the other hand it’s very delicious. Love your family!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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