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Chocolate Frosting Shots (or Chocolate Mousse)

Chocolate Frosting Shots (or Chocolate Mousse)

This summer I have decided I will relax with my dear family. Every day my little sweet teeth wait for something tastier than yesterday. It’s a new task for me. If I didn’t like cooking I wouldn’t create some interesting dishes.

Maybe it could be simpler way. So I’m going to tell you what I have prepared this week. I’m reminding about my decision to relax and forget about all “sweat” dessert. So on the picture you see veeery yummy Chocolate Frosting Shots! I’m not joking. This is like an ice cream, but it is not. This is frozen chocolate mousse with vanilla smell. Do not store in the fridge for long time (less than 1 day), but 1 hour is not enough.


I’ve found this recipe here.

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