Cinnamon Bun Cake

Cinnamon Bun Cake

I can’t imagine my life without cooking. All my life I thought cooking was the necessary duty  of every woman. I brought up at the family where my mum made breakfast for my daddy before he left home. After hard work when her husband came home he knew that mother waited for him and prepared yummy dinner.

Sure, I can’t call relationships between my parents were ideal but this positive quality of my mom became required for me in a women. I tried to repeat every step of my mother to become a good wife in future. I wanted to be able to do many dishes. When I became adult I understood that cooking became more than duty for me. When I was younger I thought it was my hobby, but now I’m sure I can’t live without cooking. I want to share with people new recipes. For example this amazing Cinnamon Bun Cake. I can’t say that it is so hard to prepare, but I’m sure that the flavor of this dish is unforgettable. Don’t avoid this recipe, because it can become your favorite dessert ever!

I’ve found this recipe here.


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