Do Nothing Cake

In previous posts, I was telling you about my desire to change my life and the idea of repairing my house. So, yesterday I had a conversation with my lovely husband because of this event. I told him about my decision and he listened to me and said that I’m right. He supported me and promised to arrange a great weekend for our family. Really, I can say that our relationships in our family are very friendly, but we pass time together very rarely. We waste our time for important things in our life…


But we forget about what is really the biggest value in our life? I’m sure this is our children, our family, our relationship and communication. We need it. After our conversation in the kitchen, my husband and I understood that we want to pass more time with our lovely daughters. Except for it, he asked me to prepare something very yummy for our little trip. He said that it will be a surprise for all of us, but all we need is good nutrition. So, I went out of the kitchen thinking about a good and fast breakfast.


I recalled this recipe for a very delicious and very simple cake. I think this cake is an amazing way to solve my problem. And I want to share it with you.

I’ve found this recipe here.

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