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Easy Crock Pot Fried Apples

Hi friends! Everybody loves the time of holidays and great celebrations. I am not an exception. I like this light bright atmosphere of something magic and fairy. We all will celebrate Thanksgiving Day. It is a very nice and kind day of the year. People go through shopping malls to find some presents for their relatives…People bring some piece of a kind to each other. So nice…

The main task for me is to find great recipes to surprise my family. I prepare for this day for weeks. I am surfing in the net for hours, reading cooking blogs and watching cooking videos. I always want to find some special dish to make our dinner unforgettable.

This year I decided to use easy shortcuts and the main piece of this day I want to pass with my family. Because of our anxieties, we pass a few times together. I found the recipe of crockpot fried apples. What can be better than light dessert after turkey and other hard dishes?

So, if you divide my opinion, look to the ingredients of this dish. You don’t need some special skills to prepare this easy dish. It is the second reason to make a crockpot of fried apples. Only apples and some spices. Advice to use apples with thin skin and tough sorts. It let you get the right structure of apples. Otherwise, you can get an apple jam. So, you need:

Bag of sliced gala apples or similar, cornstarch, granulated sugar and brown sugar, cinnamon, vanilla, butter (melted), lemon juice.

All ingredients mix together and cook on high for 2 hours until full preparation.

I’ve found this recipe here!

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