Fresh Apple Cake

Are you true food lover? Okay… Are you apple lover? Really? Then this amazing apple recipe is especially for you. This cake is full of apple inside. This is cool idea when there are no fresh fruits. Apples are always in your home and they are the only possibility to make fruit cake even in winter. So you could make the cake at any time you want.

I have found this recipe and I was really happy when I treasured it first time. Recently I have thought apple cake couldn’t be delicious and better than three layer cake with cream filling. Don’t get me wrong I have never tried before really good and juicy cake with apple. Usually there were simple pie or cinnamon buns from my mom’s cookbook. But this one is incredible cake. It is improbably soft and moist, you feel fresh juice from apples when a piece of this cake melts in your mouth. Mmm… Try to add vanilla extract and cinnamon for better flavor.

The is very easy to make, but very delicious to eat. Especially with vanilla ice cream on the top. Though I love this cake!


I’ve found this recipe here.


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