Graham Cracker Toffee Bars


Do you like recipes of great cookies made for 30 minutes? If you said ‘yes’ this recipe is only for you. I have sweet tooth, I like sweets very much all my life. I can say that I like cooking but not always. Sometimes I’m very lazy to prepare something sweet at the kitchen.

Except it I’m a mom of three child, don’t forget about it. I love spending time with them, but it require a lot of efforts, attention and health). Now, autumn is starting, my older daughter went to school and I have some free time during the day. But this recipe I’ve found at one summer day, when I had no time. How easy it is! Don’t worry about your cooking skill. The lucky of good preparation this dessert depends only on your desire (and ingredient availability;). Try it and make sure that this recipe is real sweet treat!


I’ve found this recipe here.

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