Healthy Four Ingredient Breakfast Brownies

I want to share with you this wonderful recipe of brownies. It is special for its light and soft structure. To make this cake you need only four ingredients: bananas, butter, protein powder and cocoa powder. Be sure this cake will not bring a lot of calories. That’s because it contains a lot of proteins and only some fat. Except it this cake must be very energetic. You can eat this cake for breakfast without doubt. This dessert will gift you a lot of strength to start a new day.

Sure, I’m not a supporter of eating sweet products for breakfast. But people say that if you want to eat sweets do it in the morning. During the day you use a lot of calories to move and the piece of cake will not do harm for your body. I decided to be on a diet and follow for my weight. But I can’t avoid sweets. Except it I follow my food blog, so I must to cook. But now I will try to less my sweets and eat my lovely cakes in the morning. I’m sure, this recipe will help me to be less.
So, if you have the same plan I will be happy to recommend you this fascinating recipe of Brownies.


I’ve found this recipe here.

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