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Italian Pastry Cream

Have you ever tried something softer than Italian Pastry Cream? I think, no. I consider it the best addition to each dessert. You can combine this cream with fresh fruits and berries. You can use this cream like filling inside cake or rolls or decorate desserts on the top…and, of course, you can use this cream like special dessert alone…for example like mousse…

Every member of our family like berries. In summer, the season of fruits and berries, I try to buy fresh berries and prepare different desserts with them. But when I’m crushed and don’t have any strengths to stand up and make myself to cook, I chop fresh fruits and berries and pour the cream on the top, than I put the berries again and pour the cream…I do it while I reach the top of the glass. It is very easy but very yummy way to prepare vitamin dessert.
Yesterday, while I was looking for inspiration, I was reading blogs of food bloggers and I faced this recipe. Italian Pastry Cream…Having read the instruction I decided to change simple cream inside “my simple dessert” to this one. It was a great idea! When I prepared this soft cream and tasted it, I was surprised at tender and delicate flavor and unforgettable smell. My husband delighted with recipe, daughter are sated and I, like mom, am happy!
Have a nice meal and try to this new recipe of the softest Italian cream!

I’ve found this recipe here!

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