Mango Green Tea Smoothie

Summer is time for vitamins. I always prepare for my lovely children some special dishes. But yesterday I decided to make some special drink. My husband bought mangoes after the work and brought these ones home. Never mind, I think a lot about the using of this fruit. Before, I only ate this product, but now I wanted to prepare some fresh. Net helped me in my decision. I opened my computer and tried to search some interesting idea… And I faced this recipe. I can’t miss it because of bright color in the picture and wonderful desire to surprise my relatives.What about a preparation? I can say that it is so easy to prepare this smoothie. All we need is love:), but in my recipe you need a little bit more, but love is the main ingredient for every dish and every deal…So, all you need are mangoes, bananas, water and ice, tea and honey (if you like it. In original recipe I found only these ingredients, but I added some mint, because I like this herb so much…This drink was really crushing and unbelievable. Be creative, add new ingredients and don’t be afraid to be mistaken! I want you to improve all recipes and, actually, everything in your life…

So, everyone should taste this drink. It will give you freshness, good mood and power for activity during all day.

I’ve found this recipe here.

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