Mason Jar Lid Cherry Pies

Mason Jar Lid Cherry Pies

If I ask people why they don’t like cooking they always try to find the justification for themselves. Some tell about lack of time, others assure it’s very hard skill. As for me I am sure that every person is able to cook. However this person should choose very simple and interesting dish to start. I think this recipe is wonderful treat for people who don’t like cooking at all. The way to make unmemorable pies is very untraditional.

When I first read this recipe I was a bit shocked how great can be used jar lids. I couldn’t imagine that these things can help me in preparing sweet cherry pies. These simple lids change baking pains. So this is very nice and practical idea. If you didn’t try something like these pies before – you have to try it immediately. I did the experiment and I made these amazing pies. All my family liked this kind of dessert. Don’t miss this recipe – it’s all that I can write to assure you that this dessert is really good)

I’ve found this recipe here.

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