Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

I wrote you that I’m fond of blueberry. I don’t know why I like this berry more: because of color or because of taste… But the main advantage of this ingredient is its wealth for vitamins. Especially it helps to save your eyes in good mood.

I noticed that I became older and I have vision problems. Maybe it is because of my hobby. I mean my cooking blog. I have to write posts and share with you my recipes and advices how to make the best dessert for every event and for every day. It brings me a lot of happiness and I feel myself very good. I really like it and I believe that I do good and help people to make right choice in the world of desserts…So, I always start to write about recipe and something about my life and vision to things around me… As for dessert I post I want to say that this dessert is not a dish for celebration. It is very familiar and simple cake. But blueberry adds some special flavor and smell. I hope you will like it and will prepare this dessert for every day while the season of blueberry. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a lot of vitamins from season fruits and berries. Remember that cooking has to bring health. It influences on the appearance, skin, hair, nails, eyes and mood. I don’t tell you yet about children and their growth and development. We all need to care about health and food we eat. This dessert will help you maintain health and good body.

I’ve found this recipe here.

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