Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

I wrote to you that I’m fond of blueberry. I don’t know why I like this berry more: because of color or because of taste… But the main advantage of this ingredient is its wealth for vitamins. Especially it helps to save your eyes in a good mood.

I noticed that I became older and I have vision problems. Maybe it is because of my hobby. I mean my cooking blog. I have to write posts and share with you my recipes and advice on how to make the best dessert for every event and for every day. It brings me a lot of happiness and I feel very good. I really like it and I believe that I do good and help people to make the right choice in the world of desserts…

So, I always start to write about the recipe and something about my life and vision to things around me… As for dessert, I post I want to say that this dessert is not a dish for celebration. It is a very familiar and simple cake. But blueberry adds some special flavor and smell. I hope you will like it and will prepare this dessert for every day while the season of blueberry. Don’t miss the opportunity to gain a lot of vitamins from season fruits and berries. Remember that cooking has to bring health. It influences the appearance, skin, hair, nails, eyes, and mood. I don’t tell you yet about children and their growth and development. We all need to care about the health and food we eat. This dessert will help you maintain health and a good body.

I’ve found this recipe here.

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