Millionaire’s Bars

Millionaire's bars

I don’t believe that one piece of cake or chocolate may kill you or your beautiful body. They are so good to abandon them. Maybe I think like a child, but sometimes we want to be little and irresponsible.

At such moments I create, I look for something I want. So I advice you to be happy and enjoy every moment in your life. For example, look at these Millionaire’s Bars. They are amazing. If you love all sweetness in one dessert it is especially for you. My goodness, condensed milk and milk chocolate, I love it. Tender base, then soft caramel with my favorite condensed milk and chocolate glaze on the top. When I took one bar I couldn’t stop. These bars are wonders. They are very tender and have very soft taste. Just when I prepared these millionaire’s bars I understood meaning of the tittle of recipe. It is really luxurious bars. You can feel yourself a kind for a moment because these bars overturn your imagination. One of the best dessert recipes I have even tried.

I’ve found this recipe here.


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