Mini Apple Pies

I have never tried such pies. It was something new when I saw these for the first time. Little, nice, adorable cupcakes with my favorite apples. They looked very cool! I used ready crust pie to make them, but you can also make a scratch one and use that. I’m a little lazy, so I always choose a simple way and try to make everything lighter. The filling for the pies is so sweet. There are 5 cups of apple cut into small bits.

I was sure mini apple pies were perfect for any party or just for spending free time with friends together. And they are! I know I couldn’t tell you a lot about this easy dessert in my short story, but I really want you to make it.

I think it’s a beautiful time of fall and a good opportunity to enjoy seasonal fruits. Except it is coming time of possible illness. To avoid catching cold and save your body healthy don’t forget about vitamins. To my mind, these pies are the best way for your sweet tooth to save your health! Have a nice day and leave healthy during all fall!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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