Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

Yesterday we celebrated this great holiday of Mother’s day. I want to congratulate all moms and all women who will be mothers in future.
I recall time when I was young and lived together with my future husband. I know nothing about family, I wanted to became an office manager. But I got known that I’m pregnant and this news changed my life, it turned up my plans for my future life. I was excited but I was joyful too. I knew that my boyfriend wanted babies and he would be the happiest man in the world. When I told him about this news he was very happy. After this conversation I loved this little life inside me…

Every year my husband celebrates The Mother’s Day and prepares something pleasant. My children give me some handmade gifts. As for me, I always prepare some great dessert for my lovely family. This year at Sunday we were out of the city. So, I refused the idea to bake a cake. I decided to bake oatmeal chocolate cookies. These ones have a great taste and amazing smell. It isn’t hard to do them, all you need is your patience, good mood and some free time. I wasn’t creative and followed recipe and I didn’t regret. These cookies are really good and I want to share with you the recipe.

You can find the recipe here.

Have a nice meal!


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