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Peanut Butter Pie

I am in love with chocolate. No matter what the weather is, no matter what I do and where I am, I always want a piece of chocolate cake. My husband says that’s because I am a sweet woman and I need chocolate to survive:) But because of the hot sun, I don’t want to pass my time near the oven and bake chocolate cakes. That’s because I want to share with you this amazing recipe of NO-BAKE Chocolate cake. It is very popular on the Internet. I saw this recipe a lot of times and yesterday I tried to prepare. I was surprised at this unforgettable taste and smell. The main advantages of this dessert are not expensive ingredients and a little amount of them.


All you need are:

Oreos, butter, creamy peanut butter, powdered sugar, chocolate chips, heavy whipping cream.

The list of needed ingredients ended. This is amazing and very easy. To prepare this cake you need to divide your preparation into 3 parts. First is preparing dough for the cake using crushed Oreos and butter. Mix this substance together and put it on the bottom and sides of the pie pan. Then at the large bowl mix together peanut butter powder sugar and the rest of butter. Using a mixer beat it on low speed until smooth and creamy. Then put it into our pain and spread it around all pain. It was the second part of our preparation.


The last part is preparing chocolate lower for the top. You need to place chocolate chips into the glass bowl and put it into the microwave and let a chocolate melt. Put into the bowl heave whipping cream and peanut cream. Pour chocolate over the pan and let it be cold.  Your dessert is prepared! Have a nice meal!

If you want to find more detailed recipe, please click here.

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