Pineapple Cheesecake

Pineapple cheesecake

Recently I have had amazing days. My family had a reast at the village near the sea. There were very happy days in my life. I like seeing my dear husband and girls together and be with them.

Unfortunately I have some days like these. So I had a rest and I forgot about cooking at all. But now I’m at home and I have some break in my rest) Yesterday I decided to make surprise for my family and prepare a cheesecake. I like cheesecakes very much. This kind of desserts is not only simple in preparing but also very healthy too. As for me I found it very delicious. I found this recipe and tried to cook. I can say it’s amazing recipe. It tastes very light. I was surprised at its fascinating flavor. Enjoy! I’m sure you’ll like it!)

This recipe I’ve found here.

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