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Raspberry And Chocolate Mousse

I think every mom can understand how all we need time for everything, especially when we tell about preparing dishes. I really try to do only healthy food, buy only healthy products, but…you can recognize that I have a sweet tooth because I am a blogger and I share with you all sweet recipes. So, my children and my husband are happy when I try new recipes for my blog.


But except blogging,  as a mom, I need to do a lot of things, so time is limited for dessert. Except for time, at this hot weather, I don’t have any desire to pass a lot of time baking some cake and increasing degree into my kitchen. I decided to prepare this yummy cold dessert to show you that you don’t need to pass a lot of time preparing something great.

You should separate your preparation for making raspberry mousse and chocolate mousse.
All ingredients you need for Raspberry Mousse are: gelatin powder, boiling water, whipped cream or whipped topping
The rest ingredients needed for the recipe you should use for Chocolate Mousse: unflavored gelatin powder, milk, sugar, baking chocolate chopped, fresh berries for serving optional.


Take gelatin powder and put it into the glass, then pour it into the glass cold water and leave it for a while. After that pour the substance into the middle bowl and preheat on the middle fire. In another medium bowl, whip cream until stiff. When gelatin got warm stir whip cream and blend the prepared substance. Put that substance into the glasses turned on diagonal and put it into the fridge. Chill 1 hour.
While raspberry mousse is chilling make the chocolate panna cotta. Add 1/2 cup of half and half milk to a small bowl, sprinkle gelatin on top and set aside. Add the remaining sugar and blend it together. Take out the glasses with raspberry mousse and pour into them the chocolate panna cotta until totally covered. Chill this mousse more than 1 hour. Take out from the fridge and decorate with raspberry.
Have a nice meal!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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