Reese’s Bottom Cheesecake

Reese’s Bottom Cheesecake

I visited my hometown many years ago. I like my city very much. Here I began adult, get married. Here I started the new page of my life. Here my children started their lifeway. But the best place in the world for me is my hometown. How many time I recall this light place with smile at my face.

Lots of memories connect me with this city. I passed my childhood here, I fell in love first, I grew up and I passed here the happiest moments of my life. This weekend I visited my hometown. It’s strange felling to walk along the streets of childhood. Everything is very tiny and very cozy. Visiting old places where I played games with my friends I feel myself a little girl. I remember nice café near my house. All celebrations passed here. The sweetest desserts was prepared here. When I went to school and missed this café I always dreamt about sweets. I always had a sweet tooth). So, I want to share with you one of the great recipes of cupcakes. They seems like cupcakes from my past.
Just try it! It’s very yummmmmmy:)

I’ve found this recipe here.

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