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Snickerdoodle Bread

Snickerdoodle Bread

I have tried to cook different kinds of bread. It depends on which ingredients I had. But my favorite sweet bread recipe is this one with snickerdoodle cookies. It is easy to make and it keeps soft and moist in 2 days after baking. I like it for that, although it disappears in few hours:) It is full of different tastes. When you try a bit of this bread for the first time you will never get to know the ingredients.  Of course, the main flavor is a cinnamon, the king of this wonderful bread. Cinnamon is on the top and inside… everywhere.

This is a great opportunity to visit your neighborhood with a purely symbolic gift or to invite them to you for a hot cup of tea. Good dessert is a guarantee of nice evening and pleasant conversation. Trust me. Don’t miss the occasion to present a good mood to your friends. It will takes you a satisfaction.

I really hope this recipe will be useful for you and you will make my favorite cinnamon bread ever.


I’ve found this recioe here.

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