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Stovetop Rice Custard

Recently I recognized that I have a new hobby – to collect old recipes. Actually, I don’t collect them, but I’m interested in it and I like to cook some dishes from the past and know that it has a history.
This recipe is very old. I read that this dessert was prepared in the Middle Ages. I’m not sure, that this recipe was the same as the recipe I found, but I think that the key ingredients are still like in original. Why the recipe is still popular and didn’t lose into the ages? Because of its simplicity and delicious taste. You need only 10 minutes for preparing a very nice dessert. The rest of the time you can pass watching TV or do something you need at home. During this time, your dessert is ‘sunbathing’ into the oven😊.


So, the ingredients you need to prepare this dessert are Calrose rice (not rinsed), water, salt, heavy cream, eggs, sugar, orange peel, vanilla extract, nutmeg. The measure of the recipe you can find here.
In a middle bowl put the rice, and cover by water, salt it. Boil rice and reduce to a simmer. Then whisk together eggs, sugar, vanilla extract, nutmeg, and orange peel until very light. When rice is prepared, add heavy cream to the bowl and mix. Then add the mixture to the boiled rice and stir simmering for 15 minutes. After that, put rice with the mixture to the pot and decorate the top with nutmeg.


Then cold the pot and refrigerate for 8 hours before serving. And our Rice Custard is prepared! Serve and decorate as you want. As for me, I put on the top slices of fresh orange. They give a perfect taste and smell. You can add something else, I think you can’t do this cake worse because the base is unbelievable yummy. Have a nice meal!

You can find the full description of the recipe here.

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