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Sugar Free Caramelised Nuts

Yesterday I woke up and looked out of the mirror and understood I needed to be on a diet. I must about my health and health of my family at least. I recognize I can’t limit my children in food, because their organism grows and develops. They run all the time or pass time studying. These processes need a lot of efforts from them, so they need a lot of calories. As a mum I try to prepare useful dessert with fruits and berries, for breakfast I feed them on nutritional food included meat, vegetables and fruits.

I am adult. I can limit myself and eat less sweets and more heathy dishes. So I decided to start my caring about health from this recipe. I read the titles like “vegan”, “healthy” and others. I thought that is the recipe I was looking for. Caramelised nuts taste very yummy. I was mistaken when thought that to eat healthy food is so boring and can’t bring enjoyment. This dessert is very special. I’m not assured that this dish is dessert. As for me it is only appetizer. But this fact don’t cancel the statement of its taste and use. Hurry up and try it right now!

I’ve found this recipe here!

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