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    I even don’t remember the last time I write some posts. I was very busy doing home duties and forget about the passion of my love – communication with my readers and sharing with them my recipes. For all that time I wasn’t here I tried a lot of new recipes, visited a lot of countries and cultures. Recently I have discovered this amazing recipe of Butter Pecan Praline Cake. I thought it was difficult to prepare a cake that looked so yummy at the photo. But I was mistaken. The dessert didn’t waste my time and I can say that it was such a pleasure to make this cake.…

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    Almond Amaretto Pound Cake

    I want to share this amazing recipe of Almond Amaretto Pound Cake. Frankly speaking, this is not my merit that now I’m writing the post to you about this dessert. My daughter Emily found the recipe and showed me it. She asked me to do it. When I read the title of the recipe I understood, that this cake includes alcohol and I decided to open the full version of the recipe to be confident. It was true, but you need to prepare for the cake and the top. This top contains amaretto and other ingredients; to make a cake you also need some amaretto, but you pour some drops…

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    Lemon Velvet Cake

    Summer is finishing and we must be prepared to meet fall. When I have some free time, I always surf the net, looking for news, some useful advice, reading books and blogs, watching interesting videos and, of course, I search for new interesting recipes to have an opportunity to share them with you. I noticed one thing – the subject of each article into the woman journals is fall. Everybody tells you about it. Fashion bloggers suggest a lot of information about stylish outwears, rubrics of health remind us to be vigilant because of the likely diseases and bad mood. I always noticed that recipes were changed. The main ingredient…

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    Vanilla Peach Coffee Cake

    Everybody who knows me can say that I’m crazy about fruits and all healthy ingredients. I like it not only because I’m afraid of different sicknesses…It is a great filling for some dishes like dessert or not. As my blog is called Sweet-book, I will post the only a sweet recipe and give you some advice in preparation. Yesterday I stopped my glance at this recipe and my brain said to me that this dessert must be unforgettable. I believed it. Today I’ve woken up very early and I’ve started my cooking. I did it because today was Sunday. In our family, weekends are the time for rest. We always…

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    Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Cake

    I wrote to you that I’m fond of blueberry. I don’t know why I like this berry more: because of color or because of taste… But the main advantage of this ingredient is its wealth for vitamins. Especially it helps to save your eyes in a good mood. I noticed that I became older and I have vision problems. Maybe it is because of my hobby. I mean my cooking blog. I have to write posts and share with you my recipes and advice on how to make the best dessert for every event and for every day. It brings me a lot of happiness and I feel very good.…

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    Fresh Apple Cake

    Are you true food lover? Okay… Are you apple lover? Really? Then this amazing apple recipe is especially for you. This cake is full of apple inside. This is cool idea when there are no fresh fruits. Apples are always in your home and they are the only possibility to make fruit cake even in winter. So you could make the cake at any time you want.

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    Carrot Cake

    Surfing the net I always try to find some new recipe to surprise my lovely girls. My daughters like sweets very much but I know the surplus of it can be harmful for them.