• No bake

    Cottage Cheese Pancakes

    Cherry jam is very great addition for every dessert. Especially if it is pancakes. I’ve never written post related to pancakes. Some people can say that they are not dessert at all. But my children have another mind. I often prepare for lunch some healthy soup. Majority of children dislike soups at all. When I write this sentence I imagine the sour face of my little daughter…

  • Pies

    Mason Jar Lid Cherry Pies

    If I ask people why they don’t like cooking they always try to find the justification for themselves. Some tell about lack of time, others assure it’s very hard skill. As for me I am sure that every person is able to cook. However this person should choose very simple and interesting dish to start. I think this recipe is wonderful treat for people who don’t like cooking at all. The way to make unmemorable pies is very untraditional.

  • Cakes

    Cherry Layer Cake

    My husband Jhon and I, we are married for 8 years and we like celebrating Valentine’s day. Every year I prepare some special dessert to show how important this day is for me.