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    Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

    Yesterday I heard one statement, that I remembered and I was agreed with it. Someone said that sweets and flowers improve the condition of women’s hormonal system, so women can’t be forbidden it, `cause it is their health. And it’s true! You know how some desserts can raise your mood. I know you understand me because you are reading now my Sweetbook – heaven for people who have sweet tooth.

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    Tennessee Peach Pudding

    Summer is the season of something new. Nature changes and everything in our life. People go to vocation, children have holidays, parents visit their relatives…Everything changes around us. I thought about this waking up and looking out of the window…People wear bright and more open clothes, showing their sunburnt bodies. It’s very beautiful. I looked at the mirror and saw pale face inside it. Really…summer started a month ago but I’m still white like the wall. I decided to say my husband that tomorrow we will go to water for swimming, sunbathing and joying and ask him what he thing about it.  And he supported me and was satisfied to…

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    Fresh Apple Cake

    Are you true food lover? Okay… Are you apple lover? Really? Then this amazing apple recipe is especially for you. This cake is full of apple inside. This is cool idea when there are no fresh fruits. Apples are always in your home and they are the only possibility to make fruit cake even in winter. So you could make the cake at any time you want.

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    Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls

    Surfing the net I saw lots of picture of cinnamon rolls. I always wanted to find some time in my schedule to prepare this dessert. Frankly speaking I thought these rolls were easy to prepare but I need for a lof of time. But yesterday I lost patience and decided to make these rolls for the dinner. Children went to school, husband was at work and I stayed alone at home…

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    Caramel Apple Pie Poke Cake

    What are the advantages of the cakes I like? It is very easy question. I chose them for their simplicity, taste and time to prepare. Of course, don’t forget about good the appearance of every dish you do. But to my mind if you are good cooker, you always can turn on your imagination and make some masterpiece from simple ingredients on hand…

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    Cinnamon Bun Cake

    I can’t imagine my life without cooking. All my life I thought cooking was the necessary duty  of every woman. I brought up at the family where my mum made breakfast for my daddy before he left home. After hard work when her husband came home he knew that mother waited for him and prepared yummy dinner.

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    Crock Pot Apple Pudding Cake

    Do you feel this inspired desire for something new? I can’t explain why this desire came and why it is so strong for me. So, today I’ve woken up and felt this amazing desire to change everything in my life. I looked at the walls into my room and wanted to see them more brightly… I recalled summer days when I woke up from the sun raising. But now the sun is not so strong and I wanted to paint the walls inside my house into sunny colors and make them colorful and bright. So, laying in the bed I planned to repair my house. Inspired by this idea I…

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    Snickerdoodle Bread

    I have tried to cook different kinds of bread. It depends on which ingredients I had. But my favorite sweet bread recipe is this one with snickerdoodle cookies. It is easy to make and it keeps soft and moist in 2 days after baking. I like it for that, although it disappears in few hours:) It is full of different tastes. When you try a bit of this bread for the first time you will never get to know the ingredients.  Of course, the main flavor is a cinnamon, the king of this wonderful bread. Cinnamon is on the top and inside… everywhere.

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    Mini Apple Pies

    I have never tried such pies. It was something new when I saw these for the first time. Little, nice, adorable cupcakes with my favorite apples. They looked very cool! I used ready crust pie to make them, but you can also make a scratch one and use that. I’m a little lazy, so I always choose a simple way and try to make everything lighter. The filling for the pies is so sweet. There are 5 cups of apple cut into small bits.

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    Country Apple Fritter Bread

    In this unusual bread I saw all my favorite ingredients. Apple… very nice idea of season of fruits. Cinnamon… adds a piquant taste to each dessert. I think apple and cinnamon go well together and make this bread special. Not only these ingredients are main here, brown sugar glaze on the top adds rich look and sweet taste.