Marina’s Bird’s Milk Cake

Marinas Birds Milk Cake

Christmas coming up and everyone waiting for this incredible holiday. I think looking for especial recipe of cake is one of the most important preparations to family dinner. Ones I tried to make Tiramisu Poke Cake instead of traditional Tiramisu Cake and I can say that was successful experiment. But this year I would like to make Marina’s Bird’s Milk Cake, that I have found so interesting for me.

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Mini Gingerbread Houses

How-To Bite-Sized Gingerbread Houses

I think this is amazing idea to make mini houses for your cup with tea. They brink festive mood even in cold wet weather like we have now. This is a good decoration for your holiday table and shows your creativity. Nowadays it is important to make the table primarily beautiful and appetizing. This is first impression and it always shows are you creative personality. After that the people estimate dishes. Continue reading →