• Cakes

    Jell-O Lemon Bars

    On this such a good summer day, I want to share with you one such a good recipe for Jell-O Lemon Bars. I like lemon as an addition to cakes or some desserts. But I hate it as cosmetics. I remember I was a little girl and I studied at school I had some problems with my skin at some period of my life. I had acne at my forehead and I worried about that fact. I didn’t know what I should do. My school friend advised me to try a lemon to avoid acne. She told that the skin of the face should be chafed by lemon juice. I…

  • Cookies

    Lemon Gooey Butter Cookies

    Winter holidays are passed, but this Christmas mood is still into our hearts. I think holidays are the best opportunity to change something in our life, to think about old mistakes and don’t pull them in New Year. Don’t forget about good moments and continue to do pleasantly for your relatives and friends. I woke up with this thought and I wanted to prepare some special dessert. Actually, I wanted to make a surprise for my lovely relatives and friends. They wanted to visit us. I looked at the net some new untraditional recipe of something bright, something very pretty and agreeable. Finally, I found it!

  • Cakes

    Lemon Velvet Cake

    Summer is finishing and we must be prepared to meet fall. When I have some free time, I always surf the net, looking for news, some useful advice, reading books and blogs, watching interesting videos and, of course, I search for new interesting recipes to have an opportunity to share them with you. I noticed one thing – the subject of each article into the woman journals is fall. Everybody tells you about it. Fashion bloggers suggest a lot of information about stylish outwears, rubrics of health remind us to be vigilant because of the likely diseases and bad mood. I always noticed that recipes were changed. The main ingredient…

  • Drinks

    Southern Spiked Peach Iced Tea

    I had a great day! We pass a few days together with our family. Always we need more time for rest, work and home care steal us absolutely. But we forget that the main wealth in our life is our family, children, all we do is do for them…. So, today we had a picnic at the coast of the ocean. A few time by car and we sunbathe at the light sun of USA. What can be better? After swimming a lot my husband and I laid down at the shore and tried to be darker than before, children had a lot of sand and I thought that they…

  • Pies

    Mini Apple Pies

    I have never tried such pies. It was something new when I saw these for the first time. Little, nice, adorable cupcakes with my favorite apples. They looked very cool! I used ready crust pie to make them, but you can also make a scratch one and use that. I’m a little lazy, so I always choose a simple way and try to make everything lighter. The filling for the pies is so sweet. There are 5 cups of apple cut into small bits.

  • Cupcakes

    Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

    Yesterday I was very surprised at present given me by my husband. It was a white kitty with rose collar on the neck. How tiny this little cat was… My husband knew that all my childhood I dreamt about white little cat.

  • Cakes

    Italian Lemon Pound Cake

    I was happy when I tried a piece of this Italian Lemon Pound Cake firs time. I felt very soft and moist cake with awesome lemon flavour. To make it we used fresh lemon juice and zest of two lemons. We got a beautiful cake for any holiday or just for a weekend. I assure that a piece of this cake will make your day better.  

  • Cakes

    Blueberry Bundt Cake

    When you ask me about my favorite beery I can confidently call blueberry. Except for useful vitamins,  this berry is the source of,  this ingredient has amazing taste and color and can be the greatest addition to each dessert and not only it. I can use it for sauces, add to salads and even in homemade masks for the skin. Nothing can change this special flavor of this perfect berry. This recipe that I want to share is not only about blueberry – it’s a combination of one and lemon. Sounds great and tastes the same as sounds. On the days of the end of the summer, I suggest you…

  • Pies

    Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread

    I’m fond of sweet bread with additions. How many kind of sweet bread I have tasted! Every time I look for new recipes of different types of baking. So yesterday I tried to bake new Glazed Lemon Zucchini Bread.