• No bake

    Raspberry And Chocolate Mousse

    I think every mom can understand how all we need time for everything, especially when we tell about preparing dishes. I really try to do only healthy food, buy only healthy products, but…you can recognize that I have a sweet tooth because I am a blogger and I share with you all sweet recipes. So, my children and my husband are happy when I try new recipes for my blog. But except blogging,  as a mom, I need to do a lot of things, so time is limited for dessert. Except for time, at this hot weather, I don’t have any desire to pass a lot of time baking some…

  • Cakes

    Raspberry Rose Water Layer Cake

    Summer is a season of berries. Everybody likes the one the most. As for me my favorite berries are raspberry and blueberry. As a mom I heard a lot about healthy qualities of these pretty berries.