Sticky Lemon Rolls with Lemon Cream Cheese Glaze

Hi, my friends! I always wanted to have some hobby but I always hadn’t any time for it. Actually, I was as many people very lazy to think about new activities and to make my dreams come true. But this week I’ve done it. I took up doing yoga! My neighbor always did it in her yard in the morning. She is very shine person and she can keep calm in different stress situation. I often watched her meditation from my kitchen’s window while preparing a breakfast. I asked her to teach me some exercises for breathing and for taking control of your body. She was very happy to help me and invited to visit a yoga masterclass with her. I agreed to this proposal and now I feel myself another person. I need less efforts to chill out and I feel my body more sports than early. At this moment my mood is perfect, so I decided to prepare something delicious and I am very happy to find this recipe of yummiest lemon rolls and share it with you.

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