• Cupcakes

    Strawberry Coffee Cake Muffins

    Hi, my dears! I was so happy because of the coming of spring. This nice beautiful season of the year seems like the wonder. I can wear brighter closes and go out without a coat. It’s amazing! I felt so inspired by spring, that I decided to prepare some special light dessert. I know, I like crazy ideas and some unforgettable recipes for my lovely husband and daughters, but yesterday I wanted to avoid these ideas. I wanted strawberries! I mean Strawberry Coffee Cake Muffins.

  • Pies

    Gingerbread Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce

    Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Did you start trimming into your houses? Do you know what kind of dessert you will prepare for this special reason? Some days ago I wrote you an amazing recipe of Fried Apples.  Today I want to share with you one more recipe for a really delicious cake!

  • Cakes

    Vanilla Peach Coffee Cake

    Everybody who knows me can say that I’m crazy about fruits and all healthy ingredients. I like it not only because I’m afraid of different sicknesses…It is a great filling for some dishes like dessert or not. As my blog is called Sweet-book, I will post the only a sweet recipe and give you some advice in preparation. Yesterday I stopped my glance at this recipe and my brain said to me that this dessert must be unforgettable. I believed it. Today I’ve woken up very early and I’ve started my cooking. I did it because today was Sunday. In our family, weekends are the time for rest. We always…

  • No bake

    Italian Pastry Cream

    Have you ever tried something softer than Italian Pastry Cream? I think, no. I consider it the best addition to each dessert. You can combine this cream with fresh fruits and berries. You can use this cream like filling inside cake or rolls or decorate desserts on the top…and, of course, you can use this cream like special dessert alone…for example like mousse…

  • Cookies

    Cinnabons Cinnamon Rolls

    Surfing the net I saw lots of picture of cinnamon rolls. I always wanted to find some time in my schedule to prepare this dessert. Frankly speaking I thought these rolls were easy to prepare but I need for a lof of time. But yesterday I lost patience and decided to make these rolls for the dinner. Children went to school, husband was at work and I stayed alone at home…

  • Cakes

    Magic 3 Layer Batter Cake Recipe

    Sometimes I don’t have a lot of time to prepare some dessert. But my children have sweet tooth and ask me for sweets. I prefer cooking by myself than buying cakes at the shop. I want to know all ingredients of each dish and be sure in their quality and freshness. So, when I have a few time for surprising my daughters something new I look for recipe of fast dessert. Recently I have faced this amazing Magic Cake. I can say it’s the simplest cake I’ve ever prepared. But the taste of this cake is unforgettable.

  • No bake

    Cake Batter Chex Bars

    I think you’ll understand me if I write a story about my bad mood and no desire for cooking. Sunday was difficult day for me. I was very tired and wanted only one thing – I need to rest.