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Tennessee Peach Pudding

Summer is the season of something new. Nature changes and everything in our life. People go to vocation, children have holidays, parents visit their relatives…Everything changes around us. I thought about this waking up and looking out of the window…People wear bright and more open clothes, showing their sunburnt bodies. It’s very beautiful. I looked at the mirror and saw pale face inside it. Really…summer started a month ago but I’m still white like the wall. I decided to say my husband that tomorrow we will go to water for swimming, sunbathing and joying and ask him what he thing about it.  And he supported me and was satisfied to hear my idea. I was happy and try to look for some recipe for the breakfast and I faced this one…

It looked very yummy. I have never prepared puddings till today. I felt so shy, because I think that I am a cooker and I can do any dish, but I understood that I were mistaken. I decided to start. I read the instruction very attentive and repeat all steps very carefully. I was interested in preparing….and I was satisfied to try my pudding. Light, yummy cake seems like porridge but because of peaches it tastes like cake. Unreal combination… First, my husband tried this breakfast and was crushed. He asked to wrap one portion for the work. Children asked for addition. All my family liked this dish. As for me, I think It is one of the greatest breakfast. Give you an advice: you can change peaches for any other fruits you like or season berries. This dessert also will be yummy. So, be creative and good luck!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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