Toffee Coffee Chocolate Chip Blondie Bars

Fall is moving on… Nature gets colorful, people dress warmer clother. Unfortunately,mood of people became worse, people think about their problems and lower head and don’t want to look up on the sky. They are concentrated on the puddles on the roads…

As for me I like rainy weather. I really enjoy walking under my umbrella. The best way to spend your cold windy day is shopping. Butthe most I like in shopping is choosing different ingredients for future cooking masterpieces. Visiting my favorite shops I always strive to the shelves of food. I often choose something new for my fridge, that I didn’t know about earlier. I serf the net to find information about this ingredient or try to include it into old recipe of my favorite cake. It’s very funny and very creative process. I like to do what I really love.
When I’m in bad mood I just look for one ingredient I call “yummiest pill ”. This is chocolate, of course! I know a pile recipe which include this amazing ingredient. So, it’s one of them. The softest bars from toffee, chocolate and coffee. If you are still different to this dessert you can’t understand me and millions people who have sweet tooth.
Why are you waiting for? Try it now!

I’ve found this recipe here.

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