Vanilla Peach Coffee Cake

Everybody who knows me can say that I’m crazy about fruits and all healthy ingredients. I like it not only because I’m afraid of different sicknesses…It is a great filling for some dishes like dessert or not. As my blog is called Sweet-book, I will post the only a sweet recipe and give you some advice in preparation. Yesterday I stopped my glance at this recipe and my brain said to me that this dessert must be unforgettable. I believed it.

Today I’ve woken up very early and I’ve started my cooking. I did it because today was Sunday. In our family, weekends are the time for rest. We always try to come outside or visit our friends-neighbors. They also have children and we can speak with them for hours while our children play together. Mary is a housewife and we often exchange recipes. So, today we’ve visited them and I decided to bake this amazing cake with peach and coffee.

The main disadvantage of this dessert is time. You need a lot of time because you have to prepare butter, after filling and vanilla Ice. Except for it, you need 1 hour and 10-20 minutes for baking…Count time before preparing. If you don’t like to be in the kitchen a lot of time, don’t read this recipe. Only if you feel the enjoyment of cooking and baking, you will like it.

But the taste of this dessert is amazing. Mary called this cake “fairytale”. Because of this soft peach taste…Very delicious cake. You must try some piece of this cake. So, good luck and have a nice meal!

Look here to find the recipe!

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